Why LA Lakers Shouldn’t Count on Carmelo Anthony in 2014

If you thought this summer’s NBA offseason was wild, just wait until 2014.

After this season, there will be a pool of potential free agents that could include LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Amar’e Stoudemire, Chris Bosh and—most notably for the Los Angeles Lakers—Carmelo Anthony.

The Lakers are reportedly preparing to pursue Anthony next summer, but the New York Knicks star and reigning scoring champion would be making a mistake if he left NY.

Anthony could opt out of the final year of his deal with the Knicks and become a free agent after this season, which is a strong possibility according to ESPN LA.

Anthony's plans also remain unclear for next summer, but one source close to the situation told ESPN that it would "make sense" for him to exercise the early-termination option on his contract after next season to become a free agent and secure either a four- or five-year extension.

Four out of the top five picks from the 2003 Draft have won a ring, Anthony being the lone outcast. At 29 years old, and after 10 years in the league, the six-time All Star is in hot pursuit of an NBA championship to significantly bolster his legacy.

And, at the moment, New York is in better in position to win than the Lakers.

The Knicks simply have a more well-rounded roster than Los Angeles right now, so if a title is truly the goal for Anthony (and it should be) he won’t be leaving the Knicks.

The Lakers would have tons of cap room in 2014, which would allow Anthony to potentially pair up with another star or even two if they take pay cuts, similar to what the Miami Heat did in 2010.

However, there is already a star in Los Angeles—one who won’t give up the reigns to the team like Wade did in South Beach.

Kobe Bryant and Anthony playing on the team simply would not work—both players are just too similar to coex...

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