Why LA Lakers Don’t Need LeBron James in 2014

When the Los Angeles Lakers start to completely rebuild following this season, the free agent market could potentially be headlined by LeBron James once again.

To preface this, LeBron is obviously a deserved MVP and any team, if given the choice, would choose him as their centerpiece. 

In terms of necessity, the L.A. Lakers don't need LeBron in order to rebuild themselves into a contender. That's not to say they wouldn't take him if the stars aligned perfectly.

There are two main reasons the Lakers don't truly need LeBron. The first is that there are other superstars like Carmelo Anthony that can be targeted in free agency to build around. 

The second reason is that everything is a luxury until they satisfy their one true need. The Lakers' true need is to define their identity and philosophy moving forward.

It doesn't matter if the Lakers get King James or Anthony in the offseason if their system isn't conducive to winning. 

While Dwight Howard is no LeBron James, he is still considered one of the best players in the league and arguably the most dominant center in the NBA.

Despite his talent and the overwhelming amount of talent they were perceived to have prior to last season, the Lakers didn't have a successful season because they didn't seem to have an identity established. 

This is why the Lakers don't truly need LeBron as much as they need to resolve this identity crisis they are facing.

Doing so means making a definitive decision on Mike D'Antoni. Always surrounded by drama, D'Antoni's tenure with the Lakers has involved him forcing his system onto a roster that doesn't mesh well with it. Finally altering the system to some moderate success at the tail end of last season, D'Antoni showed he can still be a great coach if he's willing to compromise.

If the Lakers wish to establish D'Antoni's system ...

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