Why L.A. Lakers’ Mike Brown Coach’s Chair Is the Hottest Hot Seat in the NBA

Heading into every NBA season, the list of head coaches with their job on the line is easily more than you can count on one hand. However, no current NBA coach is under more pressure to win in this upcoming 2012-13 NBA season than Mike Brown. 

The Los Angeles Lakers are the gold-standard franchise in the NBA. They are the New York Yankees and Green Bay Packers of basketball. Because both the franchise and its large fan base have such high expectations, anything other than playoff success is considered unacceptable.

If the Lakers stumble out of the gate, even if Dwight Howard is sidelined with his back injury, there will be more than just whispers about Brown and his ability to lead this team. As noted earlier, the Lakers are a prominent franchise.

Unlike the Sacramento Kings or the Milwaukee Bucks, the national media and a large portion of sports fans care about what happens with the Lakers. Brown won't be able to hide from a slow start. The criticism will rain down on him. 

The reason Brown's coaching seat is the hottest in the NBA is expectation. The Lakers fans expect a NBA championship caliber team. The Buss family expects an NBA championship. Many media members have predicted the Lakers to win the NBA championship. With that much expectation, often comes disappointment.

In sports, when team expectations are not met—it’s usually the coach that is the first to go. 

The Lakers expectation for greatness has built with its rich history. The franchise has made it to the NBA Finals 31 times, winning the championship 16 times. Because of the success, franchise standards for the Lakers has become championship or bust. 

Of course for Brown, several factors have contributed to the expectations that have made his coaching seat so hot.

First off, Brown is following the greatest NBA coach of all time, Phil Jackson. No mat...

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