Why Kobe Bryant’s Patience Will Be Tested More Than Ever in 2013-14

Kobe Bryant’s resolve will be tested like never before during the course of the 2013-14 season.

After suffering a horrific Achilles tear toward the end of the 2012-13 campaign against the Golden State Warriors, the Los Angeles Lakers’ all-time leading scorer is on the road to recovery.

The initial prognosis for his return was somewhere between six and nine months. The former date had him being ready for opening night, while the latter had Bryant rejoining the Purple and Gold a little after Christmas.

The five-time champion made some news when he announced he was shattering the recovery time, and it certainly made for some incredibly positive news in LakerLand.

In addition, Lakers vice president Jim Buss made the proclamation that he expected his 2-guard to suit up for the start of preseason, which in turn resulted in many believing that Bryant would defy science and common sense.

And yet, for all the advancements in modern medicine, the return date for the two-time finals MVP remains uncertain. There is a belief that Bryant’s work ethic coupled with his refusal to acquiesce to Father Time will have him come back sooner rather than later, but that almost seems like wishful thinking.

The four-time All-Star Game MVP admitted to media members he had gained weight and lacked the required conditioning to participate in games. When we take all of this information, it points to a rather harsh reality: Bryant’s body needs more time.

That is a precious commodity that the superstar simply does not possess. The 2013-14 campaign will be his 18th season in the league, and it is clear that the conclusion of his career is approaching.

It will require a gargantuan effort on his part to avoid rushing back to participate in Lakers games. And even then, regardless of the amount of patience he exhibits in allowing his body to properly heal, lo...

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