Why Dwight Howard Would Be Insane to Leave L.A. Lakers as a Free Agent

Dwight Howard is the NBA's best center and a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, and he plays for one of the most marketable franchises in all of professional sports.

This summer, he'll also be a free agent.

While the Lakers center will be free to sign with any team of his choosing following the 2012-13 season, the decision should already be clear.

Los Angeles is already the perfect fit, for a number of reasons.

To demonstrate why, I've invited Virtual Dwight Howard in for an interview.  Virtual Dwight Howard is just like the regular Dwight Howard, except he's available for fake interviews at any time and for whatever reason is interested in asking for career advice.


Virtual Dwight Howard: "I like Los Angeles, but I want to keep my options open.  What other teams will have the money to sign me to a maximum contract that both of us know I'm getting?"

Nice question, VDH.  For the answer we're going to get a little help from our friends at HoopsHype.com who have a nice salary breakdown for each team. 

Yep, let's see here, ok, ooh, I've got some bad news.

It looks like only the Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, Utah Jazz, Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Milwaukee Bucks, New Orleans Hornets, Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Bobcats, Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets will have enough salary space pending any major trades.

How do those teams sound?


Virtual Dwight Howard: "Yikes.  Wow, Milwaukee?  Cleveland?  The Bobcats??  Tell me more about the Hawks. I'm from Atlanta you know and I would love to play with Joe Johnson and Josh Smith."

Oooh, yeah, about that.  While you were busy kind of ticking everybody off this summer Johnson was actually traded to the Nets.

Virtual Dwight Howard: "Well what about J-Smoove?  Dude has some sick hops."
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers