Who’s to Blame for Los Angeles Lakers’ Game 1 Playoff Flop?

The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, 91-79, in Game 1 of Round 1 of the NBA playoffs. It simply looked like the better team won this one, especially with Kobe Bryant tweeting from home.

The Spurs were in control for most of the game, but got some timely buckets in the third quarter from Manu Ginobili to help them pull away.

Tony Parker didn't have his most efficient offensive performance. However, his supporting cast stepped up and gave the team a balanced attack.

The Lakers' top guns, on the other hand, got no support. Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol pulled the weight here, but they weren't strong enough to get L.A. over the hill.

Let's dish out some blame and see who should be most accountable for the Lakers' Game 1 flop.

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