Watch Steve Nash Make Rap Request for Nas on Canadian Rap City in 1994

Steve Nash is all about his basketball, soccer and, apparently, rap.

Appearing on Canadian Rap City in 1994, via The Basketball Jones, the then-Santa Clara baller had the opportunity to request the song of (presumably) his choosing.

And wouldn't you know it, Nash went with Nas' "It Ain't Hard to Tell," because what else was he supposed to run with?

His musical preference may surprise you, mostly because it's difficult to predict the tastes of a Nash nearly two decades younger. 

Personally, I imagine the point guard listening to a little bit of everything. One day he's bobbing his head on Canadian television to the melodic stylings of Nas, the next he's sitting courtside, rocking out to Gangnam Style. Tomorrow, he and Russell Westbrook could hit the club and fist-pump to some Ke$ha.

The most Steve Nash thing about this video was him making the request just after showcasing his crafty handles.

It seems he was practicing for the sleeping-baby test more than a decade before he even had to take it.

All that was missing was an on-camera pick-and-roll, and this would have looked like every offensive set Nash has ever run.

But we digress...

For those now compelled to get their 1994 on, I suggest you play some Boys II Men after you get your Nas fix, then perhaps throw on an episode or two (or 20) of Rugrats.

Modeling your next haircut after Nash's do here would also get you in a 1990s kind of mindset.

Then, and only then, will you find yourself ruing the day they butchered the vintage Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.


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