Unbroken In 15 Years: Why Everyone Needs to Stop Talking About 73 Wins

This year in MLB, Pittsburgh started off the season defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in the first three games of the year.  The Dodgers ended up whooping them in the fourth and final game in a cloudy, dreary day.  Even after LA left down 1-3 on the season, every baseball team knew they couldn't take much out of it.  

To coin the old saying, it's not a race, it's a marathon, and we were only four of 162 games have been played.  Nobody was talking about Pittsburgh going to the World Series.  People weren't saying how bad LA was (until a month or so later).

Yet, when we talk about the NBA, there's something winning their first six games when even the experts start answering the question, "Does this team have what it takes to beat 72-10?"

Look, the NBA may only be 82 games compared to 162, but we aren't even an eighth into the regular season yet.  Can we at least get past the month of November?  

There was talk about the Miami Heat doing this even as soon as the new big three were formed in South Beach.  Now sitting at three losses, all the focus goes to the Los Angeles Lakers who are one of two teams remaining that haven't lost a game yet.

It's fun to talk about what if, especially being a Lakers fan, but it shouldn't be talked about this seriously on sports shows.  Sure, the Lakers have a favorable schedule continuing, and should be favored to win each game until Utah a few weeks from now (and at the rate they're playing now, are becoming a bigger contender in the Western Conference by the minute).  

But why talk about 73 or more wins?  The focus of the season is to get back to the playoffs, just look at Boston last year.  

The Lakers may not be able to take off-nights like that Celtics team did, but in a seven-game series, the Lakers have the team that can play with anybody regardless of where that game is at.  If the L...

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