Twitter Pics and Instagrams from the Los Angeles Lakers Soap Opera Season

The Los Angeles Lakers are going through a soap opera of a season right now, so here for the long-suffering (21 games of mediocrity must feel like a lifetime for the Lakers) Lakers fans are the best Twitter pics and Instagrams from the Lakers this season.

The Lakers' season started out with plenty of excitement thanks to these guys:

Dwight Howard and Steve Nash joining Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol? The level of anticipation in Los Angeles was outrageous. But boy, does that seem like a lifetime ago. A little over one month and two coaches later, the Lakers are 9-12 and all anyone in Lakerland can think of is this.

But that's enough depressing imagery for now. Here are a few pictures from the Lakers' season that will (hopefully) put a smile on the faces of Lakers fans everywhere.

Pau Gasol's 15,000th NBA Point:

This picture is great because it's not only a great accomplishment (Pau is just the 10th foreign-born player to reach 15,000 points), but it also captures the first time that Pau has shown emotion on a basketball court in roughly two years. Serious question—is there a player in the league who looks like he's having less fun playing basketball than Pau Gasol?

Pau's a consummate professional and says all of the right things off of the court. But over the past few weeks you only have to look at him on the court to tell that he's not happy. And you really can't even blame him.

Pau's playing out of his comfort zone on a team that's already traded him (technically) and actively shops him at every chance they get. Throw in the fact that Kobe is constantly calling him out in the media, and you have the recipe for a seriously unhappy dude. But, hey, he looks more angry than unhappy in this picture! Progress!

Metta World Peace's New Single:

That's right. Metta World Peace's much-anticipated new rap single will apparently be available...

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