Title-Hungry Lakers Nation Can’t Afford Another Steve Nash Injury Setback

Right now, there's bad, there's worse and then there's the Los Angeles Lakers.

The 2012-13 campaign wasn't supposed to be a struggle in Hollywood. Los Angeles' acquisitions of Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and even Antawn Jamison were supposed to change things—they were supposed to change everything.

And to an extent, they have. Just not how the Lakers envisioned.

After 21 games, Kobe Bryant and company sit at 9-12, a pitiful record that has them sitting outside of the Western Conference playoff picture.

I know what you're thinking: $100 million well spent, right?

Well, any anxiety would ultimately prove futile. Once Nash returned, everything would be corrected, the Laker's ship would be righted and title contention would once again be within reach. And as luck would have it, his return was coming soon.

Or so the Lakers thought.

Though Nash himself all but committed to a timetable that put him back on the court by December 16th, his rehabilitation has taken a not-out-of-character turn for the worse.

According to David Leon Moore of USA Today, Nash pushed his return back yet another two weeks, citing conditioning as the primary reason:

D'Antoni speculated Sunday that Nash might return at some point on the upcoming road trip but Nash told USA TODAY Sports that won't happen.

"I think it will be at least another two weeks," Nash said. "I can move. I can shoot. I just can't run full speed. And I'm not even in shape. I'll probably need at least a week of practice once I start running."

Now, while rushing Nash back to the court is anything but smart, the sub-.500 Lakers simply cannot afford another setback.

Thus far, the narrative surrounding Los Angeles has preached time. The team needed time to gel, time to adapt to Mike D'Antoni's offensive system and, most importantly, time to heal.

But time is now of the essence in Tinselt...

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