Timeline of Los Angeles Lakers’ Downward Spiral Since Jerry Buss’ Passing

Jordan Hill, Chris Kaman and Robert Sacre staring at the floor in various states of agony. Kobe Bryant peering off into space as he wears street clothes instead of the uniform he's put on night after night throughout his career. 

That picture about sums it up for the Los Angeles Lakers at this stage of the 2013-14 season, but how did we get here? What could possibly have plunged the Lakers into such a miserable place? 

Hit the restrooms and then buckle up, because it's going to be a long and turbulent story. 

Dating back to the end of Jerry Buss' lengthy battle with cancer, a fight that ended the legend's life on Feb. 18, 2013, the Lakers have been forced into an unrelenting downward spiral. Injuries, ineffectiveness on and off the court, poor roster decisions and plenty of other woes have plagued the team.

The story may or may not have a happy ending in the future, but the past and present aren't particularly pleasant. 


February-March, 2013 (13-7 after Buss' Passing): Climbing Back to Relevance

After Buss passed away, his family released a statement, one that included the following quote, via NBA.com: 

It was our father’s often stated desire and expectation that the Lakers remain in the Buss family. The Lakers have been our lives as well and we will honor his wish and do everything in our power to continue his unparalleled legacy.

At first, the team did everything in its power to honor Buss' memory by climbing back into the thick of the Western Conference standings. Its efforts had been futile through the end of his battle with cancer, but tough play led to a vastly improved record. 

Dwight Howard turned back into a rebounding stud, and everything began to click for the purple-and-gold-clad warriors. Mike D'Antoni made his debut on the sidelines on Nov. 20, following his recovery from knee ...

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