The Psychology Behind Choosing the NBA’s Greatest Player Ever:A To Z Terminology

When determining who, in your opinion, is the greatest player in National Basketball League history, there is obviously a psychological stimulation which is incited.

Therefore, I have chosen a psychological term for each letter of the alphabet which will help us explain how people choose who is the greatest player ever.  Then I will reach into my own psyche and figure out who the greatest ever is by utilizing all terms combined.


A - Abnormal Psychology 

The area of psychological investigation concerned with understanding the nature of individual pathologies of mind, mood, and behavior.  Each individual takes it upon themselves to pick a GOAT and then defend their choice.

B - Belief-Bias Effect

A situation that occurs when a person's prior knowledge, attitudes or values distort the reasoning process by influencing the person to accept invalid arguments.  Many people choose a GOAT by who they like or know or follow the most, and that is the extent of their pick.


A thought pattern common during the beginning of the pre-operational stage of cognitive development characterized by the child's inability to take more than one perceptual factor into account at the same time.  Some people say who they think the GOAT is but haven't developed enough of a true knowledge of NBA history to really be qualified to say it with authority.

D-Deductive Reasoning

A form of thinking in which one draws a conclusion that is intended to follow logically from two or more statements or premises.  Some people actually analyze the GOAT issue to a point where they are on target or close to a real definite answer.


A complex pattern of changes, including physiological arousal, feelings, cognitive processes and behavioral reactions made in response to a situation perceived to be personally sign...

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