The Kobe Bryant Guide to Being a Champion

As the Los Angeles Lakers attempt to hang onto Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant's portion of the pitch to get the big man to stay was promising to teach him how to be a champion.

It sounds ridiculous, but it's not a bad way to convince a guy like Howard to stay in Los Angeles.

Another big man has to take the Lakers into the future. Bryant knows that and the rest of the Lakers front office knows that.

Bryant's final years in the league are here, and he's got to pass his legacy down to somebody, so why not Howard?

Of course, that really got me thinking; what exactly is this mysterious guidebook that Kobe has access to that will teach Howard how to be a champion?

Obviously he learned a lot over his career, but where did it come from and how does it really make an impact on becoming a champion?

Some lessons had to come from Shaquille O'Neal, while others he had to pick up along the way, so let's look at where he needs to go.


Step One: Establish Your Worth

This one's pretty self-explanatory, and really shouldn't be that difficult; it's basically just playing basketball better than most other people on the planet.

Howard has shown once before that he knows how to dominate in the NBA. Or I suppose you can say he's got the body to dominate in the NBA.

The biggest problem now is that his back surgery is forcing people to doubt his ability. He's going to need to spend next season re-asserting his dominance. 


Step Two: At the Very Least, Threaten to Leave

Shaq did it with the Orlando Magic, Kobe did it with the Lakers and Howard has done it with both teams. 

Howard's already got a leg-up on the other two in that right.

Step two bleeds over into steps three and four, forcing the front office's hand...or else.


Step Three: Watch as a Head Coach Gets...

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