The 5-Step Plan for Los Angeles Lakers to Return to the Playoffs Next Season

For decades now, the Los Angeles Lakers have prided themselves on reloading instead of rebuilding, never going through a prolonged drought.

After a disastrous 2013/14 campaign, the Lakers came into the season with a real—if misguided—belief that they would be back in the playoff hunt if everything broke right.

They had a new coach, a high-upside rookie lottery pick and some solid veteran additions to go along with the triumphant return of their Hall of Fame backcourt pairing of Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash. 

Fast forward six months and L.A. is coming to the end of yet another "worst season ever" with serious doubts as to whether the reload over rebuild mantra will hold true this time around.

It's still possible, but it will take an amazing effort at all levels of the organization. With the right plan in place, the Lakers could very well be in the mix for a playoff spot this time next year.

What sort of plan would accomplish that? Well, here's the blueprint of a five-step solution that will make it happen.

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