The 10 Most Passionate Fanbases in the NBA Today

A "fan" is short for "fanatic." "A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm." 

Gotta love it when a definition can almost stand alone as an entire article, don't you? 

We are fans, and most of us fans have two favorite teams, the _________ and whoever is playing the __________, which normally is the rival of the ____________. 

So that brings up the "passion" or "Strong and barely controllable emotion."

Yes, fans are passionate, and sometimes it's a good emotion and sometimes, it's a...let's use the word "cathartic" emotion. 

Yep. For every fan there's a hater. For every fan of a team or a player, there's someone who wants them to fail miserably. 

So these fan rankings are a combination of both. These are the teams fans are most passionate about, whether you love them or hate them. 

For clarification as it seems I inadvertently gave a wrong impression here of what I'm discussing. My thought in writing this article wasn't who makes the loudest noise in the games or has the best attendance. I'm talking about the ones who have the most passion between the games. The ones who talk about their teams the most, or those who "hate on" their nemesis the most. 

I'm using things like online discussions, fan based articles and blogs, and the like as my substance. 

This isn't about attendance it's about passion. So here's the deal I'll make. Make your case who goes in.  If your comment gets five likes, I'll make the change and bump out whoever is number 10. Same if you think your team is too low. You make an argument that gets five likes, and you go up. Just to clarify though, an argument isn't just the name of the city. 

Don't tell me the passion is there, show me! Even if you need to summon up your fellow fans to like your comments. 

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