Swaggy P: “It’s a Funeral” in LA Lakers’ Locker Room

Even in a city packed with celebrities, sunshine, beaches and beautiful women, the perpetually smiling Nick "Swaggy P" Young may be getting down as a result of all this losing.

After a 110-97 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on the road, the Lakers have now dropped eight of their last nine games. The lone victory in that stretch came against the 12-25 Utah Jazz.

The Orange County Register's Bill Oram relayed Swaggy P's thoughts following the latest defeat:

And if you think that's dark, check this out from Mike D'Antoni: 

When your leading scorer and head coach are talking about funerals and suicide attempts, things probably aren't going your way.

The most glaring problem right now is one that's difficult (if not impossible) to control. The injury report for the Lakers might be the most depressing in the league.

Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Steve Blake, Jordan Farmar and Xavier Henry are all out. And now, Nick Young may be down for a while, too:

With all of these bad breaks adding up, Lakers fans and management may have to just accept the bleak nature of this season and start gearing toward a rebuild.

Unfortunately for the typically jovial Swaggy P, that may mean plenty more funeral-like nights in the locker room.


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