Superfans vs. Haters: 2015-16 LA Lakers Season Preview

Make way for the 2015-16 Los Angeles Lakers. They're going...somewhere.

Though the Lakers' 2015 offseason wasn't perfect, it was eventful. They drafted D'Angelo Russell, traded for Roy Hibbert and signed Brandon Bass and Lou Williams. Kobe Bryant and Julius Randle are also expected to return from season-ending injuries.

Assuming some semblance of health, this season's Lakers are primed to improve upon the 21-win tire fire from 2014-15. But in order to get a far-flung sense of where they stand, we turn to the people—or rather, the mindset of the people.

Welcome to the debut of Bleacher Report's NBA fandom season previews. It's crystal ball gazing for fans, crafted from the perspective of three fanatical stereotypes: homers, pessimists and realists.

How many games will the 2015-16 Lakers win? Will they be bad enough to flirt with keeping their top-three protected pick that's owed to the Philadelphia 76ers? How about good enough to flirt with fringe playoff contention, maybe more? 

Our panel of made-up basketball soothsayers each has what they believe to be the answers, and they're ready to try to make their opinions become yours.


Hollywood Homer

Check it: The basketball bros at have my Lakers winning 26 games. Are they kidding me? Or have they simply forgotten to count Kobe's ringzzzzz?

Just think of all the offensive firepower we have in Jordan Clarkson, Russell and Kobe. Throw in Nick Young and Williams, and you have the makings of a legitimately weaponized offense.

Plus, we have Randle coming back. General manager Mitch Kupchak compared him to Lamar Odom once, and he was presumably talking about the good version.

I didn't even mention that Marcelo Huertas dude. I heard he can pass and shoot. Our offense is just stacked with talent.

I'll admit the defense is a little shaky. B...

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