Steve Nash’s NBA Career Doesn’t Deserve to End Like This

Every NBA star should go out on his own terms, but there are some legends who deserve that luxury even more than others. They're the ones who spent their careers entertaining fans and earning individual and team honors, all while never toeing the line of controversy. 

Steve Nash is one of those guys. 

Ever since he was the 15th player selected in the 1996 NBA draft, the Canadian point guard has been one of the Association's model citizens. To get his career rolling, it may have taken Nash a few seasons and a trade to the Dallas Mavericks, but he stayed away from negative publicity all the while. 

In 2001, he established his own charity foundation, and a handful of years later, he was granted the NBA's citizenship award. Other than his political advocacy rubbing some the wrong way, Nash has elicited more smiles than frowns throughout his time playing professional basketball. 

The Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers don't exactly like each other. They both play in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference, and there's generally some level of animosity between the two fanbases. 

However, when Nash decided he wanted to play in a purple-and-gold uniform after his time in the desert had come to a close, there was still a general feeling of acceptance among Phoenix supporters. They may not have co-signed his decision, but they weren't going to spite him for jumping at the chance to play alongside Kobe Bryant. 

That's when you know you're one of those guys who deserves to go out on his own terms. 

Unfortunately, Nash may not have that ability. 


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