Steve Nash Is Biggest Loser in Lakers Nightmare Season

With the Los Angeles Lakers stuck in what has been a train wreck of a season so far, the one player whose legacy will invariably take the biggest hit is none other than Steve Nash.

Dwight Howard was, as recently as two seasons ago, one of the most dominant forces in the league. However, his back injury has robbed him of his mobility and explosiveness, thus earning him a proverbial pass.

Pau Gasol has pretty much been there and done that at every level he’s played in. He’s dominated in international play, the Olympics and the NBA Finals, and he is also the proud owner of two championship rings he earned as a member of the Lakers.

The Spaniard has long been thought of as mentally fragile and a second or third option on a contending team. Thus, it’s hard to expect more from him, especially with the way the coaching staff has mismanaged him this season. Much like Howard, he might get some heat directed at him, but not much.

Kobe Bryant, on the other hand, will get some blame. Perhaps his stature will even take a hit when history remembers how the purple and gold performed this season. But ultimately his five championships, two NBA Finals MVP trophies and the fact that he is the franchise’s all-time leading scorer will give him not only a lot of leeway, but probably also lead to many completely looking the other way in terms of what he did to actually keep the team afloat throughout the most trying of times.

That leaves us with Steve Nash.

He is a former two-time MVP and unquestionably one of, if not the greatest point guard of his generation. The way he poured life into the Phoenix Suns and made them not only entertaining, but also competitive to the point that many felt as though they could contend for a title speaks to his singular talent as an elite point guard.

However, those that know the Lakers’ incredibly rich history will eventually offer ...

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