Steve Nash: How He Can Keep Fellow LA Lakers Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard Happy

If you looked up the term "pure point guard" in an NBA dictionary, you'd likely find Steve Nash's picture. He is a floor general of the highest order, consistently controlling the game by dictating how offensive possessions unfold. He's not just a willing passer, but someone that actively seeks out the best shot and then sets up his teammates to take it.

These qualities will serve Nash well in joining the Lakers, as he has several mouths to feed on the offensive side of the ball. As Mike Brown said in his sit down with Brian Kamenetzky of ESPN Los Angeles, Nash will quarterback the Lakers offense and will be expected to distribute the ball around to all his teammates, keeping the offense humming. 

Ball distribution will be especially important in terms of making sure that both Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard get the scoring opportunities that will not only ensure the Lakers' offense performs at peak efficiency but also keeps his two superstar teammates happy.

Keeping Dwight smiling will likely be Nash's easiest task as the Lakers' lead guard. With Nash as one of the very best pick-and-roll initiators and Dwight the game's premier pick-and-roll finisher, they will have a symbiotic relationship from the moment they step on the floor together.

Nash's array of quick hitting dishes, pocket bounce passes, and lobs are sure to keep Howard more than satisfied.

This clip shows a classic Nash pass. Nash brings the ball up in semi-transition and Robert Sacre comes up to set a screen for him. Recognizing a pick is coming, the defense attempts to box Nash in by jumping up high on the screen man to negate the pick entirely. In this case, Nash does what he does best by attacking the big man to deny the paint while Sacre slips the screen action and dives right to the rim. Nash then delivers a perfect bounce pass between the legs of the defender to Sacre who finishes at the front of the rim.

Nash can al...

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