Steve Blake Receives Hate Tweets After Lakers’ Game 2 Loss

When the Los Angeles Lakers aren't winning playoff games, their fans will get aggravated because they expect more from a team that's won 16 career NBA championships.

But sometimes, Twitter can take the aggravation a little too far. Maybe more than a little.

Lakers guard Steve Blake is well known for being the one who took the final shot for L.A.'s 77-75 loss in Game 2 to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday, and he's also been the one who's been taking a lot of heat for missing that shot that would've tied the series at a game apiece.

One person, whose Twitter account doesn't exist anymore, sent out a tweet that mentioned Blake, and his wife Kristen re-tweeted it to her followers. Due to graphic language used in the tweet, the vulgar and racist words used will be censored.


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