Steve Blake Better Fit for Lakers Starting Lineup Than Broken-Down Steve Nash

Thankfully, the Los Angeles Lakers have Steve Blake; otherwise, too much of their immediate fate would be tied to Steve Nash. 

Did I just write that? And if I did, was I also building a fort out of beer cans whilst I penned it?

Yes to the first; no to the second. Sober and aware of what I've just done, I stand by my words. Blake, a career role player, has proved a better fit for the Lakers than Nash, a future Hall of Famer and perennial All-Star.

This isn't to suggest that Blake is some sort of savior or magic bullet that will remedy all of Los Angeles' woes. The Lakers remain a flawed team. Once Kobe Bryant comes back, they'll still be a flawed team with an imperfect starting lineup. Age, injuries and personnel limitations are inescapable. They're issues that can be treated and nursed, but there is no cure.

Battling for a lower-seeded playoff berth in a deep Western Conference, the Lakers are seeking temporary bandages. It's not about who can save them; it's about who can help them survive the longest.

Pervaded by injuries and a depleted core, we know the Lakers are better off with Kobe in the lineup. Similarly, it's also clear the starting point guard situation, while bereft of an absolute solution, becomes a more stable source of productivity and leadership with Blake at the helm.


Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Dimes won't be dropped or three-pointers drilled from the bench. For players to make an impact, they must be on the court and available to play a majority of the time.

Clearly on the last legs of his illustrious career, Nash is no longer the durable boy wonder. Before joining the Lakers, he missed more than 10 games in a single season just three times. Last year, he missed 32—a career high—and has already missed half the Lakers' games this season.

Nerve damage in his back will keep him sidelined a couple w...

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