Sorry Clippers Fans, Los Angeles Will Always Belong to the Lakers

The Los Angeles Clippers are currently enjoying their best season in franchise history and yet it barely matters in the City of Angels. The reason is simple: L.A. is synonymous with LakerLand.

The Lakers have made 59 playoff appearances and won 16 championships, second only to the Boston Celtics’ 17 world titles.

The late Jerry Buss didn’t just create a winning basketball club, he was the architect of a prestigious one. No other team in the league’s rich history has seen more transcendent players.

For the sake of perspective, one need only look back to 1996 when David Stern announced the 50 Greatest Players of all-time. It goes without saying that the list is a little dated currently, but it’s still worth glancing at.

It features the name of eight Lakers that are once-in-a-lifetime type of talents. Heck, some of them redefined basketball and set the standard for their respective positions.

For instance, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is arguably the best player the league has ever seen. He is the proud owner of six championship rings, six MVP trophies and two Finals MVP awards.

Although a portion of his career was played with the Milwaukee Bucks, he will always be remembered as a Laker. He has scored the most points in NBA history and his record certainly seems safe.

Abdul-Jabbar spent part of his playing days alongside the greatest point guard that ever lived: Magic Johnson. At the peak of his powers, no one was better at steering a team.

Johnson set up his teammates for scores, rebounded in traffic to get the fast break started and put up points whenever the situation called for it. And he did it all with flair.

With the Lakers at his helm, Johnson won five world titles. He also earned three MVP awards and three Finals MVPs.

His unparalleled level of production at the point guard position make him the standard b...

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