Should Wesley Johnson or Nick Young Be LA Lakers Starting Small Forward?

Los Angeles Lakers fans aren't short on questions these days.

When will Kobe Bryant return? What are the Lakers to do with all that empty space in the locker room now that Dwight Howard's ego resides in Houston? Who starts at small forward, Nick Young or Wesley Johnson? What flavor Jolly Rancher does Chris Kaman prefer?

And that's just what I could think of in the 10-second limit I gave myself. There are many more to consider, but one of the more intriguing situations to monitor is that of the starting small forward.

Outfitted with plenty of wings, the Lakers' rotation at the 3 remains unclear. Part of this has to do with Kobe's uncertain timetable; most of it stems from an abundance of options.

Mike D'Antoni, however, seems to have narrowed it down to just two. Young previously said that D'Antoni would choose between he and Johnson as the full-time starter, according to the Los Angeles Daily News' Mark Medina.

Starting can admittedly mean little in the scheme of things. Finishing the game and playing the most minutes are more important than having your name announced before opening tip.

But D'Antoni coaches to the scribbles of a different clipboard. He's known for playing his starters extensively, while those on the bench are provided with no such assurances.

Faced with an aging roster and inevitable health issues, Magic Mike will have to rest his coaching laurels on a different shelf, exploiting the (shallow) depths of his bench more frequently. That doesn't mean his morals will change completely.

Guaranteed playing time is at stake for Johnson and Young. One will be assured of plenty; the other will assume a less prominent bench role.


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