Should Phil Jackson Eventually End Up in the LA Lakers Front Office?

It seems unlikely that Phil Jackson will ride into Los Angeles and save the mess that has become the Lakers, but there is still a possibility Jackson can have a hand in reviving the franchise—just not from the sidelines.

Jackson was many Lakers fans' top choice to replace Mike Brown during the early part of the 2012-13 regular season, and he's still a favorite to succeed Mike D'Antoni, at least in the minds of those same Lakers fans.

The truth is, Jackson's days of roaming the sidelines in Los Angeles are over, but due to his connection with Jeanie Buss, there is still some hope that Jackson can be involved in some capacity with improving the fortunes of the franchise.

Jackson has already dispensed a few nuggets of wisdom on how to fix what ails the Lakers, and his solution would go a long way towards keeping Dwight Howard in Los Angeles.

"I would find one of my assistant coaches to work with me to help them just as quickly as possible because I know what they need," Jackson said in an interview with "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" on ESPN Radio on Wednesday.

"I think they need to get back inside, where the strength of their team is and use that presence in there to dominate games. I think there is a way to do that."

Jackson's words via are not that revealing, considering he used the exact same formula to lead the Lakers to their most previous NBA championships in 2009-10. But despite the simplicity of the message, it still seems beyond the grasp of D'Antoni.

D'Antoni seems stuck on turning the Lakers into the Phoenix Suns even though the roster doesn't fit his scheme, and he never managed to lead any of his Suns teams past the conference finals anyway.

At some point next season, the Lakers will come to the same realization the New York Knicks did and acknowledge that hiring D'Antoni was a mistake. But where will they go from there?

If Jackson was in ...

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