Should Los Angeles Lakers Bring Back Xavier Henry?

The front office of the Los Angeles Lakers has a lot of pressing matters to deal with over the offseason—like choosing a new head coach, picking a winner in the draft and keeping an eye on Kobe Bryant’s rehab and training.

And, deciding what to do about Xavier Henry!

Okay, so the 23-year-old free agent isn’t priority numero uno. But every member of the roster from one through 15 matters, right?

And Henry, an athletic swingman, showed plenty of potential during a train wreck of a season—when he wasn’t injured, that is. On his way to having a breakout campaign after three disappointing years in the league, the Belgium native went out with a bone bruise in his knee at the end of December—an injury that kept him out of action for two months.

Henry attempted a comeback late in the season but reinjured his right knee and also tore a ligament in his left wrist.

According to a team statement, he underwent two successful surgeries on April 11 at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic. The wrist surgery was performed by Dr. Steve Shin while surgery to correct a cartilage abnormality in his knee was performed by Dr. Steve Lombardo.

Henry is expected to make a full recovery in time for training camp—wherever that might be.

Unfortunately, for a slasher known for his ability to drive hard to the rim, nagging injuries and constant team changes over a brief basketball career have made it difficult for Henry to fully capitalize on his potential.

Like most of his teammates, Henry’s an unrestricted free agent. He earned $884,293 this season and could possibly land another minimum-salary contract, if Laker management is so disposed.

In early April, when it was clear Henry’s season was over, Dave McMenamin of ESPN LA asked then-coach Mike D’Antoni whether the oft-injured player had solidified his place in the lea...

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