Should Lakers Fans Get Their Hopes Up About Carmelo Anthony?

After a contract offer and a meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers, Carmelo Anthony might seem like a realistic possibility to don a purple and gold uniform by the end of this offseason. 

Except he won't. 

"A person who was in the Lakers' pitch said they thought it went 'really well' and added, 'I don't know how big of a shot we have, but I think we have a shot,'" reported's Dave McMenamin and Ramona Shelburne after the meeting drew to a close, allowing optimism to pervade the discussion.

If you'd like to reference Dumb and Dumber now, feel free to do exactly that. 

Yes, there's a chance. No, there's not a realistic one, even in the wake of Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski reporting that the Lakers have moved back into contention:

They still shouldn't be the ultimate destination. Not if Melo is operating rationally and doing what's in his best interest. 

If you're a Lakers fan, do what you can to repress the optimism you feel swelling up about the possibility of Melo joining forces with Kobe Bryant for the next few years. It's a feeling better saved for other free agents. 


The Lakers' Pitch

In three words—money and prestige. 

Only a few teams have the financial means necessary to offer Anthony a max contract, but fewer still are willing and able to do so. His lack of success in the postseason, as well as his proclivities for lackluster defense and ball-stopping play, makes the max a questionable offer. 

Not for the Lakers, though. According to Shelburne, general manager Mitch Kupchak is willing to hand Anthony as much money as possible: 

That's half the appeal. 

After all, it's tough to beat that payday, even if there's been no indication that Melo would only accept a max offer. Money does matter, especially when it's accom...

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