Should LA Lakers Go All-In on Carmelo Anthony This Offseason?

The Los Angeles Lakers need to exercise caution when considering shelling out max money for Carmelo Anthony this offseason.

Though Anthony is one of the premier scorers in the game and may well be the biggest name available in the free agent market this summer, L.A. should refrain from handcuffing themselves to the New York Knicks' All-Star forward.

This season has been one of the worst in history of the Lakers franchise. The fans—as well as the Buss family—aren't used to losing like this, making the urge to acquire the brightest star in the free-agent galaxy without hesitation completely understandable.

But when building a perennial contender, as the Lakers have been throughout their storied history, it's important to always keep the big picture in mind.

Signing Anthony would be nothing more than putting a Band-Aid on the Lakers' problems.

He would be a big draw, and the idea of teaming him up with Kobe Bryant sounds enticing, but it doesn't make enough basketball sense to justify a four-year deal in excess of $90 million for a 30-year-old who only plays one end of the floor—which would tie up all the cap space the team has worked hard to free over the last couple of seasons.

Even Bryant himself has admitted that he won't be actively recruiting his good friend to join him in L.A.

According to's Dave McMenamin, Bryant stated before last month's loss to the Knicks that he tries "not to think about it too much. If he wants to call me for advice later as a friend, I will be more than happy to give it to him."

In a vacuum, Melo is awesome.

There aren't five players in the league who can score with the ease, grace, and variability that Anthony can.

I don't buy the argument that he's never been a winner and therefore can't be the best player on a championship team. He absolutely can.

But he needs...

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