Shaquille O’Neal Joins Sir Charles and TNT

Coming off retirement, Shaq already has plans for the future.

Some thought he’d put out another rap album, some thought he’d go to Hollywood, and others thought he’d try to take over for DJ Lance on “Yo Gabba Gabba.” How great would that be?

However, he chose none of those directions.

This fall, if there is an NBA season, Shaquille O’Neal will be in the booth with Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith.

Can you imagine?

While ESPN hires boring personality after boring personality, TNT is “stock-piling talent,” as Charles Barkley said.

I don’t know what the chemistry will be like between these titanic personalities, but you can bet that the dynamic will be raw. If TNT is smart, they’ll give Shaq cart blanche, in the same way they have given it to Charles Barkley.

I can hear it now. After Shaq says something controversial, enraging some group such as PETA, the official response will be, “That’s just Diesel being Diesel.”

Personally, I have never been a fan of TNT’s show. Much like Fox NFL Sunday, they waste approximately 92 percent of their time laughing at each other’s mediocre jokes.

Still, there is no doubt that America loves their schtick, and adding Shaquille to the mix will only make them more popular.

In fact, the silliness has already started. When Kenny Smith heard about the signing of the seven footer, he dubbed Shaq, “The Big Analytical.”

I’m sure there will be plenty more of that.

Shaq is one of the biggest personalities this game has ever seen. Adding him to the mix this fall should be electric, and people will turn in.

I certainly will.

Nice signing, TNT.

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