Shannon Brown Dunk: Watch Brown’s Creative Slam Against the Hornets

What a dunk! I take back everything I’ve ever said about Shannon Brown.

The fact that he stinks—I’m sorry.

The fact that if the Lakers had to rely on him they’d be looking at Cleveland going, “Man, I wish we could get to that level.” It was never true.

The fact that he stole my girlfriend at a bar one time and I never forgave him for it.

This is not true because I’m married and that story wouldn’t fly at home, and I just said it so people would understand why I’m so angry at Brown.

I take it all back.

Yesterday on a fast break steal by Brown, my man got up for a right-handed jam and decided to switch hands at the last second and dunk with his left.

That’s difficult to do. I can barely switch hands when I’m dribbling.

What a night for the Hornets. You know things are going badly when Brown is giving you the highlight of the night…damn, there I go again.

Brown, although I kid, is a big part of the Lakers' run. The better he plays, the more they can rest Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant and save them for the fourth quarter when they are really needed.

Brown finished the night with eight points in 18 minutes. That’s exactly what you would want from your bench player: solid production.

Also, it’s just nice to see Brown show a little bit of flash in a game. It’s nice when he can do it in a dunk contest, but that doesn’t help them win games.

But it does help him become a YouTube star.

At least he’s a star somewhere…there I go again. 

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