Ron Artest Video: Watch Ron-Ron Pick Up a New Ride on Lopez Tonight

Go loco! 

First off, what the heck is wrong with Ron Artest? You make millions of dollars and you show up on television in a hooded sweatshirt? Dude, are you on drugs? I really hope he got crap from his friends and teammates.

I mean really, Ron, you can't show up dressed to impress? Every other player in the NBA shows up all swagged out, and you wore a hoodie. Whatever. 

Second, I found it rather hilarious that Artest kept reminding George Lopez about the car. But then again, if a rich man tells you he'll buy you a car, I would make sure he sticks to his word as well. I mean, it's a free car! As we saw, Lopez tricked it out nice, Laker style! 

Is it bad for part of me to believe that Artest thought the first car was really his? The broken-down hatchback with Charlie Sheen (WINNING!) inside? Artest is a little bit loco himself, so you never know. After all, the guy did go nuts on a fan.  

He says he has been working on music for the last 12 years. Have any of you ever heard his music? It's not terrible, but it's not stuff I would continuously jam out too. His best song is "Champions," which he obviously made after winning it with the Lakers.

The best part of the finals was when Ron thanked his psychiatrist. Talk about a WTF moment. I remember sitting at home wondering why they interviewed him of all people, and then he says that—sure, OK. 

All things considered, we should be happy that Ron Artest isn't jumping into the stands anymore, and he's just doing what he loves—basketball and music. Not a lot of people can honestly say they enjoy what they do.  

Seriously though, Ron, I know you can afford it: Dress a little nicer next time you're on TV. 

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