Ron Artest Video: Watch Ron Ron Offer a Hug to the Miami Heat

Let your emotions go and just hug it out, Ron Artest style.

Artest was on the NBATV show, NBA GameTime, and had a response to the Miami Heat players crying after a loss to the Chicago Bulls; and it was quite hilarious. 

Hey, sometimes you gotta cry, but does it really belong in sports?

Maybe, maybe not, but I have to agree with Ron here when he says somebody should have hugged them.

Don't lie, you know you'd want someone there for you. Nothing wrong with showing emotion for something you care about. 

However, was there anyone actually crying? Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra backtracked what he said earlier this week about some of his players crying. 

Some of the Knicks found it quite funny that the Heat were crying, and Amar'e Stoudemire said he heard it was Chris Bosh crying. Bosh denied it, but I'm not buying that from Bosh Spice. 

This makes me wonder if any other players are going to start taking cracks at the Heat. If they do, it might not be the smart move, because it would definitely motivate the "Heatles."

On a side note, it's nice to see Ron Artest dressing nicer than when he was on George Lopez. 

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