Ron Artest Video: Watch Him Share Lamar Odom’s Cologne With Reporter

We've got yet another Ron Artest video for you today, after the Los Angeles Lakers' defensive stopper provided us with yet another spectacular interview moment. 

Ron's interviews, press conferences and talk show appearances have long been a source of amusement, wonder and even (on occasion) concern, as the eccentric forward tends to let his crazy side show during interviews.

Nowhere was this more clear than his postgame interview with KCAL, Los Angeles' CBS affiliate, following the Lakers' 20-point loss to the Charlotte Bobcats on Monday. 

Artest sat at his locker, admiring a bottle of teammate Lamar Odom's new unisex fragrance, Unbreakable. He even sniffed the bottle and gave the camera a little smile. 

When reporter John Ireland asked Ron whether it smelled good, he responded "It smells great," sniffing the bottle for the second time. 

Ireland then asked him about the game and what had gone wrong in the second half of the contest, but Ron was still admiring the bottle, spraying it on his neck and sniffing the bottle once more. 

"You want to try some Unbreakable?" the forward said. 

"I will definitely try some," Ireland said before he realized he was still trying to conduct an interview, "Just answer my question first." 

Artest insisted and the reporter bent down as the defensive stopper squirted the fragrance on him. Ireland turned to the camera and chuckled, saying, "The things I do for this job." 

Then, suddenly, the moment was over as Artest was answering his question. 

But Artest established himself as a stellar pitchman for Odom and wife Khloe Kardashian's unisex fragrance. Hopefully we'll be seeing a commercial starring him (and possibly Ireland) any day now.

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