Ron Artest One-Ups Chad Ochocinco, Changing Name to Metta World Peace Today

We all remembered how insane it was when Chad Johnson changed his name to Chad Ochocinco. We all anticipated what it would sound like when Joe Buck or Jim Nantz would say, "And Ochocinco makes the catch!"

We wanted to see how it would feel like seeing the name Ochocinco on a Yahoo! Sports football box score. We didn't think anybody would do something crazier than that.

But then the man who celebrated his NBA championship with a box of Wheaties and by thanking his psychiatrist came along.

Ron Artest officially announced, according to Yahoo Sports, that he will be changing his name to Metta World Peace today.

"You can call me Ron today and then it’s over," Artest said. "It’s a wrap. It’s about love, world peace. Everybody can relate to that, whether it’s in the same community or the same state or the same country or whether it’s a country going to war."

It's kind of difficult to make sense of this whole ordeal, but then again, it's Ron Artest. 

I'm sorry. I meant Metta World Peace.

The Lakers forward will also change his number yet again. This time he will wear No. 70.

Oh, boy.

This marks the fourth consecutive season where Metta World Peace has changed his number. He was No. 96 in Houston. Then after signing with the Lakers, he changed his number to 37 to honor Michael Jackson. After winning a title he changed his number to 15 and now he will wear No. 70. 

“I’m changing it to 70 because it’s like something to do with the universe,” Artest said. “Everything kind of repeats itself. The universe is one. It’s the same thing. Healthy minds, just keeping the kids positive.”

Honestly, though, good for him. 

He's gone through a long journey. He was once the most hated man in the NBA after he charged into the crowd in Auburn Hills. He's gone through...

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