Ron Artest DWTS Video: Watch Artest Break it Down in Bizarre Attire

Is that Ron Artest or Dennis Rodman?

That was the very first thing I thought upon reviewing Ron-Ron’s first dance on the 13th season of Dancing With the Stars.

He was sporting the tiny top hat that covered up his bright gold hair that was eventually unleashed during the performance.

I’m not sure if the audience wanted to cheer him or laugh at him.

Artest was also sporting a sparkly gold vest that showed off his pecs and muscles with the oddly colored beige/red pants that few men would dare wear.

His clothes were so distracting that it luckily took my attention away from the incredibly awful dancing performance.

The judges had almost nothing positive to say about his first performance aside from how stiff and uncomfortable he looked.

There were times when it looked like he was trying to freestyle.... a DWTS no-no.

His dance partner, Peta Murgatroyd, who is stuck with Ron-Ron in her first ever competition, looked like she was confused at times with what Artest was trying to do.

I think it’s safe to say that Artest set the cha, cha, cha dance back a good 20 years.

Tuesday night marks the first night for elimination, and Ron-Ron better cross his fingers. He landed the lowest score of all the contestants (yes, even lower than Rob Kardashian and Nancy Grace) and needs his LA Laker fans to bail him out.

It was a surprising first night for Artest, considering he’s an athlete that relies on quick footwork to be successful. Maybe Ron-Ron is just setting the bar low before he bursts out onto the scene in a big way next week.

Or maybe Artest just isn’t a very good dancer.

Only time will tell.

Let’s just hope he decides on an outfit that looks a little less Dennis Rodmanish.

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