Ron Artest Aka Mr. World Peace (Ron Artest’s New Name and Why It Matters)

As teams around the NBA and their potential draftees were gathering themselves for the change ahead, there was another change that was being made by one of the biggest characters in the NBA, Ron Artest. 

Ron Artest or World Peace, which is the new name that will appear on the back of his jersey (at the start of next season or when next season starts), decided to follow the trend of other fellow athletes when he decided to change his name to Metta World Peace.  Unlike other athletes such as the likes of Chad Johnson, now Chad Ochocinco, World Peace is something more than just a gimmick to promote yourself and sell a couple more jerseys. 

World Peace, as far fetched as it may sometimes sound, is a very important message especially with everything that is happening in the world today.  It is also a message that is sometimes placed on the back burner and forgotten about with the ongoing wars, radical Islamism, the Arab Spring (Libya, Syria, Yemen), India-Pakistan relations, the hostility of a nuclear capable North Korea, if attempted this list would take up an entire article. 

From this list alone it is easy see how a goal such as world peace can get clouded with all of the conflicts that are occurring around the world.  It is also imperative to realize that such a goal should be on the forefront of all our minds because it is the key to building a world that will benefit all of humanity (which would make all of our lives easier). 

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