Romancing the Rim: The Most ‘Swaggy P’ Moments of Nick Young’s Lakers Career

A flame once burned between Nick Young and the rim.

They met on a blacktop in Los Angeles in the '90s. He was probably wearing a terrycloth bucket hat, and she rocked a gray, skintight number.

They fell head over Razor scooter handlebars for each other, and soon Young was dialing her up over and over again on the stretchy-cord landline. She wasn't always there when he called, but she was always on time, giving him her all.

Now, in the Year of Our Lord 2015, the rim has grown cold and distant. She's stopped answering Young almost completely, and he explained their falling out over the last six months in simple terms at his exit interview Tuesday.

"I just blame it on the rim," Young said. "The rim was trippin' this year. Next year I'm gonna take her on a date and treat her a little better."

Exactly where "next year" will be for Young is unknown.

The Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard finished the season shooting a career-low 36.6 percent from the floor and missed a career-high 40 games due to injury. He continues to recover from a fractured kneecap sustained in February, and the screen door hadn't even slammed shut on the trailer fire that was the Lakers' 2014-15 campaign before rumors began cropping up about the franchise moving Young over the offseason, as Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News noted.

This cannot happen.

Taking Young out of Los Angeles and putting him on a small-market team would mean losing him—not in a literal sense, but in the same way one would lose a peacock by keeping it in a lightless utility shed. A shed-cock is no peacock at all—just a soft clucking in the darkness that poops on your father's Skil saw.

With this uncertain future in mind, I find it only fitting that we look back on the good times while we can and appreciate the Nick Young-isms that cemented him as a national treasure. The following are the Swaggy-est moments from ...

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