Realistic Expectations for the L.A. Lakers’ Bench and Why It Hasn’t Met Them

Conventional logic led most to believe that the moment the Los Angeles Lakers assembled their new All-Star roster, there would be few obstacles to prevent them from earning a trip deep into the postseason.

Solid in theory, but a closer look at similar teams of the past reveals a different story. 

The most recent example is the Miami Heat. Despite becoming NBA champs last season, it was only a few years ago that they fell short due to a lack of depth to support a near perfect starting lineup.

Are the Los Angeles Lakers on the brink of the same outcome? Or are they deep enough to get the job done?

Today, we examine those questions by looking at the men who would have the role of stepping in to prevent such a collapse from happening.


Point Guard

Standing behind Steven Nash is Darius Morris. Steve Nash has considerably big shoes to fill for anyone, but despite the upbeat disposition, it's tough to assume that Morris would be able to fill that role long term.

In the absence of Nash, Morris has done a decent job, but it's the little things Nash does that can't be replaced. The sort of little things that aren't always transparent on a stat sheet.

When we look at those categories that can be tracked, assists would be the main thing that separates Morris and Nash. Nash has a rather uncanny ability to find not only an open man, but the open man most probable to score on that particular play. Literally every pass he makes sets up a play or creates an opening for one to unfold.

Chris Duhon and Steve Blake are serviceable options, but neither come any closer to filling those shoes with the type of consistency that would be required to keep up with the likes of the Oklahoma City Thunder, the San Antonio Spurs and many of the other perennial contenders in the Western Conference.

So far this season, none of the three men have given Lakers ...

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