Realistic Expectations for Jordan Clarkson’s Rookie Season with LA Lakers

Jordan Clarkson may be a bellwether for the Los Angeles Lakers' season.

It sounds overstated, but it's true.

If he's just another innocuous second-round pick who barely sees the court, it means things are going as L.A. planned.

If he's starting or playing a big role every night, it signifies another disaster of a season in Hollywood.

Realistically, it's unfair to expect anything big from Clarkson in 2015. After all, second-round draft picks rarely, if ever, produce at a high level as rookies. 

And for the time being, the Lakers are well-stocked in the backcourt. 

Then again, the same could have been said a year ago. Midway through the season, L.A. had to turn to free agent Kendall Marshall as their starting point guard for 40 minutes a game.

Clarkson will begin the year as the third point guard on the depth chart—behind Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin—but with Nash's health shrouded in mystery, Clarkson could be thrust into a larger role sooner than expected.

If he's called upon to run the offense for any length of time, the Lakers will be in trouble.

Thus far, Clarkson has not shown a knack for being a high-quality facilitator who can create good shots for his teammates.

He finished his collegiate career with more career turnovers than assists and posted a negative Pure Point Rating in all three of his campaigns in school, per DraftExpress.

Summer League saw more of the same, as Clarkson finished with just six assists in five games compared to 17 turnovers.

One thing Clarkson does do well, though, is get his own shot.

As Bleacher Report's Jonathan Wasserman breaks it down, "Clarkson is a tough one-on-one cover, thanks to his deep repertoire of moves he uses to separate for a shot. Between crossovers into jumpers, spins into runners, pull-ups over screens a...

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