Ranking Top 10 Games of Kobe Bryant’s Legendary Lakers Career

Kobe Bryant's season is likely over after he presumably tore his left Achilles tendon (per Royce Young of CBS Sports) in the fourth quarter of their 118-116 win over the Golden State Warriors on Friday night.

While the Lakers won the game and got another step closer to the playoffs, they likely lost Bryant for the season.

In the hours following the news, Kobe came out on Facebook and went on a magnificent, rambling rant, which ended up with a lot of confusion and just a little bit of doubt.

"Maybe Father Time has defeated me...Then again maybe not! It's 3:30am, my foot feels like dead weight, my head is spinning from the pain meds and I'm wide awake."

There are a ton more questions than answers right now, and as it seems that the Lakers are hell-bent on still making the playoffs, there has been very little time to sit back and reflect.

A torn Achilles can mean many things, but it likely means a lot of rehabilitation, time off and likely a much different, possibly slower and less-effective Bryant. That's a bit of a horrifying thought.

Instead of dwelling on negatives, I'd rather take a look at the amazing basketball that we've gotten out of Bryant throughout his career.

Obviously, as he spent his career primarily as a scorer, there's going to be a lot of weight put on games in which the old Mamba scored a flurry of points, but I love the ones where he was just maddeningly efficient as well.

Whittling down the best 10 games of Kobe's career seems to be about as easy as threading cooked spaghetti through a straw, but it seems like a fine time to go ahead and offer my take.

For your entertainment, we've found a video of each game and thrown in a mark for the essential "Kobe Moment" from the game.

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