Ranking the Los Angeles Lakers’ Biggest Surprises in the Early Season

There is never a dull moment for the Los Angeles Lakers.

A year after a surprisingly disappointing season that began with championship expectations and resulted in a first-round exit, the Lakers are in the midst of another mildly surprising year—although for much different reasons.

With a roster full of new faces, the Lakers entered this year with very little expectations but have already had many surprises—both good and bad.

Whether it's the remarkable return of Kobe Bryant, his new injury, the emergence of the bench mob or even breakout seasons from some budding young players, the Lakers season has been full of memorable moments.

The rankings were based on how surprising each performance has been based on preseason expectations.

Yes, Jordan Hill has been extremely productive for the Lakers but anyone that has watched him play since he joined the team could have seen it coming if he could stay on the court.

Therefore, he doesn't make the list because his early season performance was more expected than surprising.

Read on to see who does make this list, and where Bryant's return and departure ranks.

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