Ranking Steve Nash and the Top 10 L.A. Lakers Point Guards of All Time

Mitch Kupchak steps up to the plate. David Stern winds up for the pitch. He connects - this ball looks like it is gone! 

Oh, wait a minute - Dan Gilbert just made a stellar play, catching the ball in mid-air while it was halfway over the fence. What a steal!

Karma remembers and it does not easily forget.

It's now or never, folks. At the bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded and Kupchak is back at the plate. 

The first pitch is a slider - strike one!

David Stern pumps his fist in approval as he gets ready for the second pitch.

Fastball - strike two!

Here it is everyone, the moment of truth.

This looks like a change-up, and Kupchak smashes it!

This ball is go-go-gone!

In what many will remember as the first of two home runs Kupchak hit during this summer's offseason, Steve Nash was acquired by the Lakers for a handful of bottom-tier draft picks.

Los Angeles has been in desperate search for an All-Star point guard ever since Phil Jackson retired.

And, Nash arrived in unthinkable and unimaginable fashion.

As Los Angeles welcomes the future Hall of Fame point guard with open arms, the rest of the NBA looks on with clenched fists and vomit-filled throats.

In celebration of L.A.'s newly-added No. 10 jersey, this is an updated list of the top 10 Lakers point guards of all time.



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