Ranking Los Angeles Lakers’ Best Options with the No. 2 Pick in 2015 NBA Draft

Although the euphoria of winning the No. 2 pick in the 2015 NBA draft needn't subside, the Los Angeles Lakers' post-lottery honeymoon phase is officially over.

The race to make the most of their good fortune is on.

No draft prospect is off limits for the Lakers. They're at the mercy of what the Minnesota Timberwolves do, but there is no surefire option at No. 1. And that means none of the incoming talent can be ruled out by default.

Shopping the selection is even an option. The Lakers aren't grit-it-out types. They have always valued established talent over draft-day crapshoots. Kobe Bryant is also on the last year of his current contract and will turn 37 before next season starts. The pressure to inject meaning into his should-be swan song is real.

Subsequent options will be presented with all that in mind while singling out the most popular scenarios. They're also contingent upon the included players still being available. 

Roster needs, team fit, future flexibility and a return to playoff contention soon, if not next season, are all factors. The absolute best options will be those that most address every area of concern.

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