Ranking LA Lakers’ Most Appealing Star Options in 2014 Free Agency

Are we there yet?

All this not-so-subtle posturing has me itching for July 2014, when the gripping conclusion to the "What will the Los Angeles Lakers Do Next?" soap opera is upon us.

Less than one year from now, names like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, among others, will (probably) hit the open market. Free-agency classes headlined by that kind of talent don't come around very often. Just as rare is the Lakers having enough money to partake in the expensive festivities.

Next summer, they'll have financial flexibility to splurge on one, maybe two, superstars in addition to the guaranteed return of Kobe Bryant. We don't know for sure what will happen yet, but we do know the Lakers plan to be active.

With spending power and activity comes possibilities, which the Lakers aren't short on. Plenty of maneuvering still needs to take place between now and next summer, but the Lakers are going to be in the thick of it all, chasing superstars like it was their job (oh wait...)

I repeat: Are we there yet?

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