Ranking Best Spurs-Lakers Rivalry Games of the Kobe Bryant Era

The Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs have squared off in no fewer than six playoff series since Kobe Bryant came into the NBA 17 seasons ago, and it shouldn't be surprising that a few of their postseason matchups have been epically entertaining.

Whether it was Tim Duncan posting a ridiculous box score in a losing effort in Game 5 of the 2002 Western Conference Semifinals or Derek Fisher drilling one of the most memorable shots in playoff history in 2004, these clubs have generated more than their share of jaw-dropping excitement.

Of course, they've also done battle in the regular season during the so-called "Kobe Bryant Era." A couple of those contests ended dramatically, too.

Some of the names you'll never forget, like Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal and David Robinson.

But there are others that may have slipped into the recesses of your memory, like Roger Mason.

Whether fighting for the right to advance in the playoffs or jostling for bragging rights in the regular season, the stakes have always been high when the Lakers and Spurs have squared off over the last couple of decades.

It's a letdown that Bryant won't be involved this time around, but as you'll see, his tilts with the Spurs never disappointed.


*All statistics via Basketball-Reference.com unless otherwise indicated.

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