Predicting the 2012-2013 Los Angeles Lakers Roster (Revised)

No franchise is in need of a superstar more than the Los Angeles Lakers, and in a league controlled by superstars, it always appears the Lakers find one. The 2012-2013 roster will feature the point guard L.A. fans have long waited for. The roster will be a mixture of something old and something new.

The last two seasons, the Lakers have been the biggest team on the floor, but they have no postseason success to show for it. Management tipped their hand this preseason when they shipped Sixth Man of the Year Lamar Odom and tested warrior Pau Gasol for point guard Chris Paul.

When David Stern voided that deal, there was no way for L.A. to convince the NBA world they were content with their point guard situation.

After receiving the ultimate boobie prize in Ramon Sessions, there is little doubt Los Angeles is in the market for a true floor general. The perception is that the Lakers are stretched to the limit and it will be
difficult for them to make a move, but this is the Lakers.

Yes, Los Angeles has some difficult contracts to move, but since when did difficult mean impossible?

Armed with no first-round picks and the league’s third-highest payroll, things will be tough. However, that is the difference between L.A. and the rest—Los Angeles always gets it done.

Aside from their glaring need at point guard, the Lakers must get younger and faster. They have tried the “we are bigger” approach, and it has not worked. L.A. must find a way to keep their size but gain some youth and energy.

For years, the Lakers have been “Emperors of the League” because their superstars were merely superior to those they faced. Unlike any other sports franchise, the Lakers have found a way to acquire the established star and pair him with above-average role players.

It is this mixture of George Mikan and Slater Martin or Happy Hairston and Wilt Chamberlain or Magic Joh...

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