Predicting Los Angeles Lakers’ Opening Night Lineup Under Byron Scott

And just like that, Byron Scott's honeymoon with the Los Angeles Lakers is officially over.

True, said honeymoon lasted all of about 3.4 seconds, but that's a lifetime in Laker Land. Hired as Mike D'Antoni's replacement only days ago, as first reported by ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne, Scott has some preseason planning to do. 

He has an opening-night starting lineup to configure.

In years past, fielding a starting five was easy. The Lakers' rotation was set in stone as they continued chasing championships. Even when they made trades and free-agency acquisitions, their agenda remained clear.

Life isn't so cut and dry nowadays. The Lakers are entering another transition year. Expectations are lower than normal, yet they're still expected to pursue relevancy as they bide time and cap space in anticipation of summer 2015. 

One aspect of their starting lineup is etched in marble. Four of the five slots, though, are—theoretically—up for grabs.

Who will they go to?

Scott has a couple months before he must render a definitive decision, but in the Land of Impatience, it never hurts to deliver answers now. 

As in right now.

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