Post NBA Trade Deadline Power Rankings for Each LA Lakers Player

Not much has changed for the Los Angeles Lakers since their last power rankings report at the end of December.

The team is still in last place in the Western Conference, and still being led by Kobe Bryant who is thrilling crowds across the country with his farewell tour—spotlight moments that remind of a far more glorious Lakers era.

L.A. didn’t pull the trigger on any trades at the deadline, which surprised no one—the team’s most valuable assets are young players who shouldn’t be shipped out.

Those future stars will likely receive additional playing time to learn and progress during the final leg of a historically bad season. Per Joey Ramirez of, general manager Mitch Kupchak said:

I spoke to a couple of them this morning about it: to finish the season strong. So we want to see them—in face of this adversity of a tough season—to show us some mental toughness, push through it. Show me your best, so it helps me during the offseason when it comes time to evaluate our needs.

Kupchak was less sanguine on the future of current head coach Byron Scott, saying only: “He is under contract, and until or if that changes, we’ll let you know.”

And so the Purple and Gold soldier on, in full evaluation and development mode, hoping for better days ahead.


Statistics and salary info are courtesy of, and Spotrac, and are current as of February 21, 2016.

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