Plan B If LA Lakers Can’t Lure Superstar Free Agents During Next 2 Offseasons

With both Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant officially done for the year, LA Lakers fans can finally turn their full gaze toward the future. 

When the 2014 NBA offseason mercifully rolls around, the Lakers will have oodles of money to spend once more. They'll have even more in 2015.

It's widely assumed that they'll take their cash pile, find their new superstar(s) and return to glory as quickly as they fell from it. All will be right in the NBA hierarchy once again.

But what if it doesn't go down like that? What if the Lakers have a much harder time inking the guys they want?

What's Plan B?

I promise that this isn't an exercise in raining on the hopes and dreams of LA fans. This isn't to suggest that one of the NBA's premier franchises is going to find permanent residence in the land of doom and gloom. Far from it, actually.

Historically difficult 2013-14 season notwithstanding, this organization still has the assets, track record and brain power to build a winner in more ways than just one. If the best-laid plans of Lakers management (and fans) don't come to the most perfect fruition, there are still ways for this to all work out. 

Yes, Jimmy Buss is still part of the organization in this scenario.

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