Phil Jackson Would Turn Dwight Howard into Greatest Center of All Time

Dwight Howard wants Phil Jackson to coach the Los Angeles Lakes, and for a good reason.

According to Chris Sheridan of, Howard's first choice to replace the departed Mike Brown is the Zen Master himself.

Can you blame him?

Not only did Jackson coach the Lakers to five championships, but he has 11 total titles to his name and has already proven he can win with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.

Oh, not to mention he is liable to turn Howard himself into the greatest NBA center of all time.

You read correctly. With Jackson at the helm, Iron Man would flourish to the tune of historical dominance.

It's not just that the playbook-wielding genius is no stranger to coaching prolific big men, nor is it merely that his reputation precedes him. This goes deeper. Deeper than the triangle offense Jackson would re-implement and into the perpetual intricacy of his character.

Yes, the triangle offense—though complex—is perfect for Howard. I won't sit here and attempt to explain to you the complete inner workings of its tendencies and ultimate effect, because the only one who could is Jackson himself. 

It's that complicated.

Yet at the same time, Jackson has been able to coach numerous players toward understanding it. Bryant thrived within it, and Gasol did too. Even a guy like Luke Walton managed to feign competency in it.

Because of Jackson.

So all you need to know about this offense is that it's all about flow. Not unlike the Princeton offense, it's predicated on constant movement. Unlike the Princeton, though, it relies heavily on player instincts rather than strictly forced floor placement and passing.

Most importantly, however, it not only allows a team to push the ball, it requires it. Such a prerequisite is often unrealistic for teams with capable big men to meet.

But Howard isn't most big men.<...

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